Domano Sparkling

Sparkling white dry wine
Vinification process:
Domano is the first Herzegovinian sparkling wine produced by the classic boiling method of grape variety grape varieties. Domano is the pride of our winery. Sparkling wine grapes are bought earlier than for classic wine, and the goal is to obtain an optimal ratio of acid and sugar, and acids having a pH of more than 7.5 and sugar not more than 18 degrees. From such grapes wine is made by primary fermentation. Such wine is not pleasant to drink and it is made of sparkling wine. Secondary fermentation, which results in the formation of sparkling wine, occurs in the bottle. In addition to the wine produced by the primary fermentation, the yeast is added to the bottle and the liqueur which is the type of sugar syrup and the bottle goes to the horizontal distillation in the basement. In secondary fermentation, carbon dioxide is trapped in the bottle causing bubble formation. Sparkling wine is stored for up to 3 years on yeasts and soaked in a bottle. After boiling in the bottle, it is necessary to remove all precipitation, so the bottles are placed on the shelves where they are turned upside down at an angle of 450 and shaken daily in order to accumulate the pellet in the bottles' bottles. Next, the degreasing process is followed, whereby the bottles of the bottles are freezed and, by decapitation, the obtained block of ice is removed together with the precipitate. A small amount of expeditionary liqueur is added to the bottle, after which it is clogged with a flask, a mesh wire and a capsule.
a premium sparkling wine with excellent purity and freshness making it light and comfortable in the glass. The nose opens with floral aromas and light smoke, so that bouquets later round off citrus and grapefruit. The taste is extremely mineral, rich, strong, somewhat creamy and completely rounded.
Food and Serving:
best served with egg apples, mushrooms, pasta, oysters, caviar, lobster and creamy strawberries. Serve at 6-10 °C.