In order to produce the best wine, firstly, it is necessary to produce quality grapes in the vineyard and then modern technology with the support of the experts in the field of enology closes the circle of high-quality wines.

In addition to vineyards, the company owns a vineyard with a capacity of 15,009 hectoliters, and the tanks are made of oak and stainless steel.

The winery has the function of primary processing, processing, wine care and finalizing with filling in bottles. This function is primarily ensured by its performance (reception of grapes and processing area, area for wine fermentation, nursing and wine making, wine bottling space) as well as modern equipment from leading world-leading manufacturers, such as Vaslin Bucher, TMC Padovan, Eurostar and Compart.

The filling of the wine in the bottles is done with a state of the art automatic filling line where, we come to the final finished product, and after a short period of maturation in the bottle, product is ready to meet the most demanding consumers of premium droplets.

Also, we are proud of the owners of the largest oak barrels in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a capacity of 16 230 liters, located in our basement.