Wine tasting and tourism

The accommodation of Vina Zadro in Domanovići is unique, taking into account that there are several cultural, historical and tourist sites and monuments of great importance for Bosnia and Herzegovina in its vicinity. Some 10 kilometers west and southwest of our location, and some 20 minutes by car, there is a medieval fort Počitelj, a Villa Rustica Mogorjelo from the time of Roman antiquity, and the Nature Park Hutovo Blato. Some 20 kilometers east of our location, and some 30 minutes by car, there is the necropolis of Radimlja from the Middle Ages, the Illyrian ancient city of Daorson, and the medieval fortress Old Town of Vidoški. It should also mention the vicinity of Mostar (Stari most) and Blagaj (Stjepangrad, Buna river spring and Tekija) some 30 kilometers north of Međugorje (Blessed Virgin Mary's sanctuary) some 25 kilometers west and Dubrovnik some 112 kilometers south of our location.

In the part of our wine cellar there is a wine tasting room with an indoor enclosure and an outdoor summer terrace overlooking the vineyards with a capacity of 150 seats. The wine tasting room was built in the old Hercegovački style, with shades of modern and functional, which is the right place for gathering true wine lovers and enthusiasts who are eager to know about the good drops, its emergence, preservation and tasting ...
Multifunctionality of the space provides the opportunity to organize birthday celebrations, as well as meetings, conferences, seminars and other business meetings.

Our enologists and technologists will be happy to guide you through the basements to present and clarify all of you until now unknowns related to the process of wine production and preservation.

You are welcome to tastings of our wines in which you can enjoy tasting the wines of your choice with Herzegovinian delicacies (peka, Herzegovinian prosciutto, Livno cheese, ...). We strive to fulfill your every desire in the best way.

Wine tasting room is a closed type and all kinds of celebrations and gatherings are arranged in advance.
At the following link you can download tasting information.