Company „Vina Zadro“ was founded in 1996.g. when small winery in Domanovići was privatized from state-owned company called Hepok, which winery Domanovići was part of. Winery was devastated during the war in the ninties, and most of its equipment was stolen or destroyed. Under new ownership, the winery was rebuilt and renovated and new modern equipment was purchased in order to start wine production.

The first recognition and prize for its work and products, winery won on Zagreb Wine Fair in 1999.g. when its wine Žilavka was awarded with silver medal. That came as acknowledgment of work and path that owners choose to follow. Recognition and prizes continued in following years and in 2007.g. winery enters into a strategic partnership with company MCI d.o.o. from Široki Brijeg in ownership of Mr. Miljenko Crnjac, which further enhances its presence on market of Bosnia and Hercegovina. In following years, production halls and cellars were expanded and new tasting room and restaurant were built for tourist purposes.

In 2014.g., the winery was awarded with the silver medal for its wine Žilavka at the Decanter World Wine Awards, which is the most prestigious wine competition in the world. In DWWA 2017, our winery was awarded with platinum medal for its wine Žilavka (white wine) and Blatina (red wine) as the best Central and Eastern European wines. That is the greatest success ever achieved in winemaking bussiness in Bosnia and Hercegovina at the moment.